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Odor Descriptors for lime
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Primary (First) - lime
FR citrus aurantifolia swingle fruit extract
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR citrus aurantifolia swingle peel extract
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR citrus hystrix fruit extract
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FR citrus medica acida peel extract
FL/FR combava peel oil
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR dihydromyrcenol
 odor: fresh citrus lime floral clean cologne weedy
 flavor: green aldehydic herbal terpenic soapy lime tropical
FR dimyrcetol (IFF)
 odor: fresh lime cologne herbal air marine
FR keylime pie fragrance
FRkey lime cream fragrance
FL/FR lime essence oil
 odor: juicy sweet candy lime fresh green peel
 flavor: juicy lime fresh sweet pulpy
FR lime fragrance
FR lime octadienal
 odor: waxy citrus lime floral
FL/FR lime oil
 odor: citrus lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil CO2 extract mexico
 odor: citrus lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil distilled
 odor: fresh lime sweet terpene
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil distilled africa
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil distilled folded
 odor: fresh lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil distilled haiti
 odor: fresh lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil distilled mexico
 odor: fresh lime sweet floral aldehydic terpene cologne tart woody
 flavor: Lime, waxy, candy peely with a citral and terpy nuance
FL/FR lime oil distilled peru
 odor: fresh sweet lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil distilled terpeneless
 odor: distilled lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil distilled west indian
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil expressed
 odor: fresh lime sweet terpenic
 flavor: lime
FL/FRpersian lime oil expressed
 odor: citrus lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil expressed florida
 odor: fresh lime sweet terpenic coumarin
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil expressed folded
 odor: fresh lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil expressed furanocoumarin reduced
 odor: fresh lime sweet terpenic
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil expressed mexico
 odor: fresh lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime oil expressed terpeneless
 odor: fresh sweet lime
 flavor: lime
FR lime oil fractions
 odor: lime marine metallic green woody lemon
FL/FR lime oil furocoumarin reduced
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FR lime oil replacer
 odor: lime terpenic
FL/FR lime oil terpenes
 odor: terpenic lime citrus
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime peel oil expressed mexico
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FL/FR lime peel water
 odor: lime
 flavor: lime
FR lime sherbet fragrance
FR lime specialty
 odor: citrus lime
1-methyl cyclohexene
 odor: lime citrus
FL/FR petitgrain lime oil
 odor: petitgrain
 flavor: petitgrain
FR trimethyl cyclohexene
 odor: lime citrus lemon herbal terpene
Secondary (Second) - lime
(R)-citronellyl acetate
 odor: citrus lime dirty aldehydic
FR coconut lime fragrance
FR coconut lime verbena fragrance
FR dihydroterpineol
 odor: pine lime citrus floral terpenic
 odor: camphoreous lime
 odor: camphoreous lime terpenic
FL/FR lemon hexadiene
 odor: powerful lemon lime truffle
 flavor: citrus lemon lime sulfurous
FR lemon lime fragrance
FR lime pyran
 odor: citrus saffron green lime terpene
 flavor: Candy sweet, citrus lime and lemon, with a woody tropical longan type nuances
FR tetrahydromyrcenol
 odor: fresh sweet citrus lime floral lily
FL thioterpenes
 odor: citrus lime sulfurous
Tertiary (Third) - lime
FR cedarwood oil western red
 odor: woody aromatic lime spicy cumin peppery nutmeg almond
FR citronellal oxime
 odor: citrus bergamot lime
FR dihydromyrcenyl acetate
 odor: citrus bergamot lime lavender
 odor: sweet pine terpenic lime woody
 flavor: woody terpenic lime astringent herbal earthy humus rooty
FR dihydro-alpha-terpinyl acetate
 odor: fresh herbal woody lime cologne soapy
FRcis-green acetate
 odor: fruity bergamot lime woody camphoreous fir needle spicy marjoram
FL lemon carbonyls
 odor: lemon citrus lime grapefruit
 flavor: lemon
4-methyl-2-(1-methyl propyl)-1,3-oxathiane
 odor: citrus, pamplemousse, grapefruit, lime, zesty vegetable, green, sulfury
FL/FR ocimenol
 odor: fresh citrus lemon lime cologne sweet mace
Quaternary (Fourth) - lime
FL/FR citral dimethyl acetal
 odor: green floral citric lemon lime natural
 flavor: Green, citrus lemon, grapefruit lime, with woody and terpy nuance
FR citrus ocimenol
 odor: fresh sweet citrus lime floral lily
FL/FR dihydroterpinyl acetate
 odor: pine citrus woody lime cologne
 odor: woody pine lemon lime citronellol
FR pinus halepensis branch/leaf oil
 odor: citrus lemon bergamot lime zesty vegetable
FRlemon scented tea tree oil
 odor: sweet lemon rose herbal lime
FL/FRalpha-terpinyl acetate
 odor: herbal bergamot lavender lime citrus
 flavor: Woody, citrus, spicy, floral, grapefruit and seedy
Quinary (Fifth) - lime
FL/FR terpineols (unspec.) (mixed isomers)
 odor: fresh clean woody pine floral lime
Senary (Sixth) - lime
 odor: fresh herbal woody fir camphor
 flavor: Minty cooling, woody pine and resinous, medicinal Vicks VapoRub, citrus lime-like and eucalyptus
 odor: Tropical, green, terpy and woody with vegetable nuances
 flavor: Green, tropical, woody with floral and vegateble nuances
Septenary (Seventh) - lime
FR bergamot specialty
 odor: bergamot
FL/FR fenchol
 odor: camphor borneol pine woody dry sweet lemon
 flavor: camphoreous cooling medicinal minty earthy humus
FL/FR geranic oxide
 odor: fresh camphor herbal rosemary
 flavor: Sweet, camphoreous, woody, cooling, with floral nuances
 odor: oily woody terpene lemon/lime tropical herbal
 flavor: Terpy, citrus, lime-Iike, oily, green with a tropical fruity nuance
Octonary (Eighth) - lime
FR bergamot fragrance
FR bergamot oil replacer
 odor: bergamot citrus floral spicy green orange peel lemon lime ginger
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