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Odor Descriptors for fir needle
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Primary (First) - fir needle
FL/FR abies alba cone extract
 odor: spruce woody
FR abies alba cone oil
 odor: fresh pine bitter orange peel
FR abies alba leaf extract
 odor: balsamic pine
FL/FR abies alba needle oil
 odor: fresh terpene dry pine woody rooty weedy green forest
 flavor: terpenic balsamic pine woody
FR abies amabilis oil canada
 odor: fresh fir woody balsam citrus
FR abies grandis oil canada
 odor: fresh woody fir pear clean citric
FR abies lasiocarpa oil canada
 odor: fresh woody fir cypress spruce balsam
FR abies sibirica needle extract
 odor: pine balsamic woody
FL/FR balsam fir oleoresin
 odor: sweet fir woody fir needle
dextro-bornyl acetate
 odor: pine needle camphor herbal balsamic
FL/FRlaevo-bornyl acetate
 odor: sweet balsamic woody fresh pine needle herbal
 flavor: balsamic herbal floral soapy woody spicy powdery
FR cade leaf oil
FR evergreen fragrance
FR fir balsam absolute
 odor: fir balsam berry woody sweet green pine mossy floral
 flavor: Woody, pine, floral, mossy, with herbal nuances
FR fir balsam absolute (abies balsamea)
 odor: fir needle
FL/FR fir balsam absolute replacer
 odor: fir balsam
 flavor: fir needle
FR fir balsam concrete
 odor: fir balsam berry woody sweet green pine
FR fir balsam fragrance
FL/FR fir balsam oleoresin canada
 odor: sweet fir needle woody
FL/FR fir balsam oleoresin oregon
 odor: balsamic fir needle
FR fir carboxylate
 odor: natural pine fir green fruity woody
FRhimalayan fir needle oil
FL/FR fir needle oil canada
 odor: fresh balsam woody fir needle
FR fir needle oil replacer
 odor: fir needle
FL/FR fir needle oil siberia
 odor: fresh dry fir forest earthy woody
 flavor: fir needle
FL/FR fir needle oil terpeneless canada
 odor: fresh balsamic woody fir needle
 flavor: fir needle
FR galbanum specialty
 odor: fresh pine needle green fruity tropical forest galbanum
FRchristmas pine fragrance
FL/FR pine needle absolute
 odor: fresh christmas tree fruity tonka balsam
FR pine needle concrete
FR pine specialty
 odor: fir needle
FL/FR spruce needle oil canada
 odor: fir needle woody thujone herbal terpenic aldehydic amber
 flavor: woody herbal green aromatic terpenic thujonic minty amber
FR terpinyl benzoate
 odor: fir tree balsamic ylang niobe cypress woody floral
Secondary (Second) - fir needle
FL/FR abies alba cone extract
 odor: spruce woody
FR boxwood berry fragrance
 odor: fresh woody fir terpene
FR cupressus lusitanica oil
 odor: resinous fir needle kumquat yuzu thujonic terpenic
FR fir balsam oregon
 odor: fresh sweet pine fir needle balsamic resinous woody
FRdouglas fir oil
 odor: fresh woody fir citric oily carrot seed balsam
FR fir tree fragrance
FR kunzea ericoides leaf oil
 odor: sweet medicinal coniferous floral fresh green lemon
FR pine fragrance
 odor: camphoreous borneol spruce needle terpineol like
FRchristmas spice fragrance
FL/FR spruce needle absolute
 odor: woody balsamic fir needle green weedy resinous spicy fruity leathery
 flavor: spruce
FRred spruce oil
 odor: fresh balsam pine needle
Tertiary (Third) - fir needle
FL/FR balsam fir needle oil america
 odor: fresh turpentine
FL/FR bornyl isobutyrate
 odor: camphor nutty pine needle
FL/FRisobornyl isobutyrate
 odor: balsam herbal fir needle spicy earthy woody
 flavor: fir needle balsamic spicy herbal camphoreous woody soapy
FR boxwood blossom fragrance
FR boxwood fragrance
FL/FR camphene
 odor: Camphoraceous, cooling, piney woody with terpy nuances. It has citrus and green minty and green spicy notes
 flavor: Camphoraceous, cooling, minty, with citrus and green spicy nuances
 odor: fresh herbal woody fir camphor
 flavor: Minty cooling, woody pine and resinous, medicinal Vicks VapoRub, citrus lime-like and eucalyptus
FR juniper fragrance
FR juniper needle oil
 odor: woody juniper fir spicy pine
FL/FR longifolene
 odor: sweet woody rose medical fir needle
 flavor: woody amber herbal medicinal pine ambergris
 odor: pine woody fir needle camphor incense
FR pine bouquet fragrance
FR spruce fragrance
Quaternary (Fourth) - fir needle
FR conifer acetate
 odor: balsam woody sweet fir balsam raspberry jam
FL/FR eucalyptus absolute
 odor: eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FL/FR fenchyl acetate
 odor: fresh sweet pine fir herbal citrus
 flavor: sweet woody minty herbal fir needle balsamic earthy weedy
FL/FR grapefruit menthane
 odor: sulfury minty fresh grapefruit peel tropical fir needle seedy soupy
 flavor: Sulfureous with juicy fruity notes. It has tropical nuances of passion fruit, pineapple and mango. It imparts a grapefruit citrus note
FR moss naphthaleneol
 odor: woody green mossy fir balsamic patchouli
FR pine forest fragrance
FR rhododendron anthopogon leaf oil
 odor: sweet herbal balsamic green fir needle resinous pine
FL/FR salvia lavandulifolia herb oil
 odor: herbal camphoreous green fir needle pine forest
Quinary (Fifth) - fir needle
 bornyl methyl ether
 odor: camphoreous herbal rosemary lavendar borneol-like carrot parsley earthy
 flavor: carrot earthy celery herbal parsley biting fresh woody caraway basil
FR bornyl salicylate
 odor: green fresh woody salicylate pine needle bisabolene
FR juniper berry fragrance
FR juniper berry oil replacer
 odor: terpenic aromatic
FL/FR juniper berry oil terpeneless
 odor: fresh earthy balsam carrot seed terpenic fir needle woody carrot caryophyllene
 flavor: woody earthy juniper carrot spicy balsamic
FL/FR juniperus communis fruit oil
 odor: fresh balsam terpene woody carrot fir peppery
 flavor: juniper
Senary (Sixth) - fir needle
 odor: woody amber
FRcis-green acetate
 odor: fruity bergamot lime woody camphoreous fir needle spicy marjoram
FR mango fragrance
 odor: mango
FR mango specialty
 odor: mango
Septenary (Seventh) - fir needle
FR dimethyl cyclohexyl 3-butenyl ketone
 odor: green galbanum fruity pineapple herbal balsamic fir needle
Octonary (Eighth) - fir needle
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