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Odor Descriptors for foliage
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Primary (First) - foliage
FL/FR hexyl heptanoate
 odor: dank foliage mallow leaves green
FR propyl salicylate
 odor: vine clover fruity plum
Secondary (Second) - foliage
FR hyacinth butanal
 odor: powerful foliage green herbal hyacinth
FR oakmoss resin
 odor: sweet green quinoline grassy oily
FR oakmoss resin replacer
 odor: green foliage mossy grassy oily
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: green foliage floral rosy earthy mushroom
 flavor: dry green cortex floral nasturtium tropical resinous weedy oily
FL/FR propyl anthranilate
 odor: orangeflower vine herbal
Tertiary (Third) - foliage
FRhomocuminic aldehyde
 odor: green sap foliage wood privet
FL/FR heptyl phenyl acetate
 odor: strong lemongrass sweet verbena foliage
 odor: fresh green cut grass foliage vegetable herbal oily
 flavor: Fresh, green, raw fruity with a pungent depth
FRalpha-hexyl cinnamaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh green fatty foliage woody
FL/FR hyacinth absolute
 odor: sweet green floral sharp foliage hyacinth
FR hyacinth absolute replacer
 odor: hyacinth
 odor: wild hyacinth foliage
 odor: green weedy foliage vegetable
 flavor: ethereal fruity tropical green banana vegetable
FR2-nonyn-1-al dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh green violet foliage sweet
FL/FR phenethyl cinnamate
 odor: rich heavy balsam rose foliage
 flavor: sweet balsamic floral amber mossy mimosa
FR phenyl acetaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: hyacinth green foliage floral mandarin sweet pea
 odor: floral peony foliage sweet mimosa heliotrope
 flavor: floral spicy magnolia mango green petal tropical melon
Quaternary (Fourth) - foliage
FL/FR cyclohexyl ethyl acetate
 odor: mint rose raspberry plant-like plastic green
 flavor: green floral petal pear plastic
FL/FR geranium concrete
 odor: earthy herbal rose foliage green
 flavor: geranium
FR green fragrance
FR greenhouse fragrance
FRenglish ivy leaf absolute
 odor: green herbal bark foliage
 lippia daunensis oil
 odor: marigold wormwood tobacco foliage
 mistletoe absolute
 odor: bitter herbal green foliage bark
FR mistletoe fragrance
FL/FR3-phenyl propionaldehyde
 odor: fresh cortex green leaf foliage balsam storax
 flavor: Green, melon, fruity and citrus
FL/FR(R)-2-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: floral hyacinth hawthorn foliage fruity peony
Quinary (Fifth) - foliage
FR green specialty
 odor: green
FR ivy fragrance
FR2-pentyl cyclopentanone
 odor: coconut jasmin oily rose fern green herbal
 odor: floral hyacinth green narcissus foliage radish honey sweet pea
 flavor: green floral chrysanthemum spicy radish hyacinth foliage honey
Senary (Sixth) - foliage
FL/FR cumin acetaldehyde
 odor: earthy fern aldehydic cumin green cortex
 flavor: green foliage privet cortex aldehydic cumin earthy weedy
FL/FR galbanum resinoid
 odor: rich green woody balsam dry green pepper foliage
 flavor: galbanum
FR galbanum resinoid replacer
 odor: rich green woody balsamc dry green pepper foliage
FL/FR hexyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet green waxy fruity rose wine foliage
 flavor: Fruity, waxy, green, powdery and floral with sweet honey nuances
FR ocean propanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh green floral orangeblossom ozone leafy cortex
FR phenethyl isopropyl ether
 odor: green rose plastic metallic spicy foliage watercress
 flavor: green watercress plastic metallic spicy tomato leaf clover
Septenary (Seventh) - foliage
Octonary (Eighth) - foliage
FR oakmoss concrete
 odor: phenolic woody tar seashore forest bark wood green foliage
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