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Flavor Descriptors for chocolate
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Primary (First) - chocolate
 benzyl hexyl carbinol
 flavor: chocolate-like
 benzyl isoamyl carbinol
 flavor: chocolate-like
FLchocolate cake batter flavor
FLdutch chocolate cake flavor
FLgerman chocolate cake flavor
FD candy sprinkles
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate almond flavor
FLtoasted chocolate almond flavor
FLwhite chocolate almond flavor
FL chocolate almond fudge flavor
FL chocolate amaretto flavor
FLwhite chocolate amaretto flavor
FL chocolate banana nut flavor
FL chocolate batter flavor
FL chocolate blueberry flavor
FL chocolate butter cream flavor
FL chocolate cappuccino flavor
FL chocolate caramel flavor
FLwhite chocolate caramel flavor
FL chocolate caramel nut flavor
FL chocolate cashew flavor
FL chocolate cherry cordial flavor
FL chocolate cherry flavor
FLwhite chocolate cherry flavor
FL chocolate chip flavor
FL chocolate chips
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate cinnamon flavor
FL chocolate cinnamon hazelnut flavor
FL chocolate coating
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate coconut flavor
FL chocolate cookies & cream flavor
FL chocolate cordial flavor
FL chocolate cream flavor
FL chocolate distillates
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate divinity flavor
FL chocolate english toffee flavor
FL chocolate enhancers
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate essence
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate europa flavor
FL chocolate extract
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate flavor
FLabuelita chocolate flavor
FLbavarian chocolate flavor
FLbitter chocolate flavor
FLbitter chocolate flavor
FLbittersweet chocolate flavor
FLbittersweet chocolate flavor
FLdark chocolate flavor
FLdark chocolate flavor
FLdutch chocolate flavor
FLgerman chocolate flavor
FLhot chocolate flavor
FLmexican chocolate flavor
FLmilk chocolate flavor
FLsemi sweet chocolate flavor
FLsemi sweet chocolate flavor
FLswiss chocolate flavor
FLwhite chocolate flavor
FL chocolate hazelnut flavor
FLwhite chocolate hazelnut flavor
FLwhite chocolate macadamia nut cookie flavor
FL chocolate macadamia nut flavor
FLwhite chocolate macadamia nut flavor
FL chocolate malt flavor
FL chocolate marble flavor
FL chocolate marshmallow flavor
FL chocolate marshmallow graham flavor
FL chocolate mint flavor
FL chocolate mocha flavor
FL chocolate mousse flavor
FLwhite chocolate mousse flavor
FL chocolate nibs
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate nut flavor
FL chocolate orange flavor
FL chocolate persimmon flavor
FLwhite chocolate pistachio flavor
FL chocolate praline flavor
FL chocolate pudding flavor
FL chocolate raspberry creme flavor
FL chocolate raspberry flavor
FLwhite chocolate raspberry flavor
FLwhite chocolate raspberry truffle flavor
FL chocolate rum flavor
FL chocolate rum truffle flavor
FL chocolate soufflé flavor
FL chocolate strawberry flavor
FL/FR chocolate tincture
 odor: chocolate
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate toffee almond flavor
FL chocolate toffee flavor
FL chocolate vanilla flavor
FL chocomalt powder
 odor: chocolate malty
 flavor: chocolate malty
FL cocoa
FL/FR cocoa absolute
 odor: cocoa bitter powdery milky
 flavor: cocoa
FL cocoa bean powder
 flavor: cocoa
FL cocoa distillates
 odor: sweet sulfury cocoa nutty chocolate creamy
 flavor: cocoa
FL/FR cocoa essence
 odor: roasted sulfury sweet chocolate
 flavor: chocolate cocoa
FL cocoa flavor
FL cocoa liquor
 flavor: cocoa
FL cocoa liquor distillates
 flavor: cocoa
FL cocoa nib distillates
 flavor: cocoa
FL/FR cocoa oleoresin
 odor: dark bitter cocoa chocolate powdery earthy coffee roasted
 flavor: bitter powdery cocoa earthy
FL/FR cocoa oleoresin
 odor: dark bitter cocoa chocolate powdery earthy coffee roasted
 flavor: bitter powdery cocoa earthy
FL cocoa powder distillates
 flavor: cocoa chocolate
FL cocoa propanal
 odor: aromatic cocoa dark chocolate
 flavor: cocoa dark chocolate
FL cocoa propanal
 odor: aromatic cocoa dark chocolate
 flavor: cocoa dark chocolate
FL/FR cocoa resinoid
 odor: cocoa
 flavor: cocoa
FLchocolate chip cookie flavor
FLchocolate cookie flavor
FL fudge brownie flavor
FLchocolate fudge caramel flavor
FLchocolate fudge flavor
FL/FR hazelnut pyrazine
 odor: Musty, nut skin, earthy, toasted, potato bin, green and meaty
 flavor: Musty, toasted, nutty, potato, cocoa, earthy and dirty
3-methyl butyl 2-furoate
 flavor: chocolate
FLchocolate milk flavor
FL mocha almond fudge flavor
FL mocha cappuccino flavor
FL mocha cream flavor
FL mocha flavor
FL mocha latte flavor
FLchocolate peanut butter flavor
FLcupuaçu raspberry flavor
FL/FR theobroma cacao infusion
 odor: cocoa
 flavor: cocoa
FL theobroma cacao nib extract
 flavor: cocoa
CS theobroma grandiflorum seed butter
 odor: sweet dairy-like creamy vanilla berry-like milk chocolate-like and coco butter-like
 flavor: sweet dairy-like creamy vanilla berry milk chocolate-like and cocoa butter-like
FL/FR2,4,5-trimethyl thiazole
 odor: musty nutty vegetable cocoa hazelnut chocolate coffee
 flavor: Nutty, cocoa and green vegetative-like with roasted earthy nuances
FLchocolate truffle flavor
FL/FR vanillin 2,3-butylene glycol acetal
 odor: vanilla creamy chocolate powdery caramellic dairy custard gourmand balsamic malty
 flavor: vanilla chocolate cocoa creamy caramellic powdery custard dairy
Secondary (Second) - chocolate
FL/FR butyl phenyl acetate
 odor: rose honey chocolate
 flavor: Honey, sweet, chocolate, floral and rose-like
FL caramel fudge flavor
FL caramel mocha flavor
FL/FR carob bean absolute
 odor: fruity raisin jammy brown cocoa chocolate bready coffee jammy brandy
 flavor: cocoa chocolate raisin jammy brown leathery woody brandy coffee vanilla
FL/FR ceratonia siliqua extract
 flavor: caramellic chocolate sweet dried fruit vanilla creamy
FL cherry chocolate fudge flavor
FL coffee chocolate flavor
FL creme de cocoa flavor
2,5-dimethyl-3,6-dipentyl pyrazine
 flavor: fatty taste, slightly reminiscent of chocolate
FL fudge flavor
FLvanilla chocolate ice cream flavor
FL/FR phenyl acetic acid
 odor: sweet honey floral honeysuckle sour waxy civet
 flavor: Sweet, floral, chocolate, honey and tobacco
FL/FR syringaldehyde
 odor: mild plastic woody tonka sweet
 flavor: sweet cocoa chocolate creamy dairy nutty
FL vanilla mocha flavor
FL/FR vanillyl ethyl ether
 odor: alcoholic rum sweet chocolate creamy vanilla spicy nutmeg smoky
 flavor: sweet rummy chocolate creamy vanilla
Tertiary (Third) - chocolate
FL ambrosia flavor
FL/FRisoamyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet honey cocoa balsam chocolate castoreum animal
 flavor: Warm rosy honey with phenyl chocolate nuances and dried fruit notes
FL/FR benzyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral jasmin cocoa
 flavor: sweet honey cocoa chocolate creamy
FL caramel cocoa flavor
FL cocoa butter distillates
 flavor: fatty cocoa chocolate
FL cocoa pyrazines base (mixture of pyrazines)
 odor: nutty bitter chocolate
 flavor: bitter nutty chocolate
 flavor: sulfury, starch-like, potato chocolate-like
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde
 odor: green sweet floral hyacinth clover honey cocoa
 flavor: Honey, sweet, floral, chocolate and cocoa, with a spicy nuance
FL tamarind distillates
 flavor: tamarind spicy nutty chocolate earthy brown
FL/FR vanillyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet vanilla creamy fruity caramel chocolate
 flavor: sweet vanilla powdery chocolate creamy buttery fruity cheesy
FL yeast thiazoline
 odor: green nut skin sulfurous burnt cocoa corn
 flavor: malty cocoa chocolate hops nut skin cornmeal yeasty meaty
Quaternary (Fourth) - chocolate
 odor: ethereal aldehydic chocolate peach fatty
 flavor: fruity dry green chocolate nutty leafy cocoa
FL/FR vanilla oleoresin bali
 odor: sweet cocoa chocolate vanilla creamy fruity caramel
 flavor: sweet vanilla dried fruit caramel chocolate
Quinary (Fifth) - chocolate
FL/FR valeraldehyde
 odor: Diffusive, fermented, bready, fruity with berry nuances
 flavor: Winey, fermented, bready, cocoa chocolate notes
 odor: herbal sweet warm tobacco cocoa woody
 flavor: sweet tonka coumarinic tobacco cocoa dark chocolate coconut
Senary (Sixth) - chocolate
FL cacao flavor
FL cupuacu flavor
Septenary (Seventh) - chocolate
FL3,5(6)-cocoa pyrazine
 odor: nutty nut skin hazelnut peanut chocolate roasted
 flavor: Peanut, nut skin, brown, roasted, hazelnut, with coffee and chocolate nuances
FL/FRpara-methyl anisole
 odor: naphthyl cresol ylang powdery nutty
 flavor: Naphthyl, phenolic, camphoraceous, cooling and woody
FL tangerine maqui berry flavor
FL/FR2,3,5-trimethyl pyrazine
 odor: nutty nut skin earthy powdery cocoa baked potato roasted peanut hazelnut musty
 flavor: raw nut skin vegetable cocoa toasted earthy chocolate coffee
Octonary (Eighth) - chocolate
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