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Odor Descriptors for forest
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Primary (First) - forest
FR forest fragrance
FR rain forest specialty
 odor: rain forest
FR tiglyl tiglate
 odor: damp forest soil fungus mushroom anise flowery leaf buds
Secondary (Second) - forest
FR pine forest fragrance
FR rain forest fragrance
FR woody specialty
 odor: woody
Tertiary (Third) - forest
FR fir needle oil replacer
 odor: fir needle
FR treemoss absolute
 odor: woody dry forest seaweed herbal green
FR treemoss absolute replacer
 odor: woody dry forest seaweed herbal green
FR vetylbois
 odor: rich woody vetiver forest
Quaternary (Fourth) - forest
FR cedar forest fragrance
FRchristmas pine fragrance
Quinary (Fifth) - forest
FR celery undecene
 odor: aromatic herbal natural celery cumin soil natural forest
FR evergreen fragrance
FL/FR fir needle oil siberia
 odor: fresh dry fir forest earthy woody
 flavor: fir needle
FR galbanum specialty
 odor: fresh pine needle green fruity tropical forest galbanum
FR oakmoss concrete
 odor: phenolic woody tar seashore forest bark wood green foliage
FRscotch pine wood/needles resinoid
 odor: balsamic woody fruity black currant forest
Senary (Sixth) - forest
FL/FR sage oil dalmatian
 odor: thujonic cedar eucalyptus rosemary juniper forest
 flavor: thujonic cedar herbal eucalyptus camphoreous minty balsamic woody
FL/FR salvia lavandulifolia herb oil
 odor: herbal camphoreous green fir needle pine forest
Septenary (Seventh) - forest
FR redwood fragrance
Octonary (Eighth) - forest
FL/FR abies alba needle oil
 odor: fresh terpene dry pine woody rooty weedy green forest
 flavor: terpenic balsamic pine woody
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