CAS: 303-98-0
Use(s): nutrient adjuncts, dietary supplements, nutrient agents
 uncaria tomentosa extract
 Use(s): cosmetic agents, dietary supplements
N-undecyl benzene sulfonic acid
 CAS: 50854-94-9
Use(s): used in washing or to assist in the peeling of fruits and vegetables
 CAS: 57-13-6
Use(s): formulation aids, fermentation aids
 CAS: 9002-13-5
Use(s): viscosity controlling agents
 urease enzyme preparation (lactobacillus fermentum)
 CAS: 977161-74-2
Use(s): enzyme preparations and microorganisms
 urolithin A
 CAS: 1143-70-0
Use(s): natural substances and extractives
 urtica dioica extract
 CAS: 84012-40-8
Use(s): cosmetic agents, dietary supplements