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Flavor Descriptors for papaya
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Primary (First) - papaya
FL papaya distillates
 flavor: papaya
FL/FR papaya essence
 odor: papaya
 flavor: papaya
FL papaya flavor
FL papaya guava flavor
FL papaya juice concentrate
 flavor: papaya
Secondary (Second) - papaya
FL apricot papaya flavor
FL mango papaya flavor
FL mango papaya grapefruit flavor
FL pineapple papaya flavor
Tertiary (Third) - papaya
FL cherimoya flavor
FL guava passion fruit papaya flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - papaya
Quinary (Fifth) - papaya
FL guanabana flavor
Senary (Sixth) - papaya
FL chiramoya flavor
FL jackfruit flavor
FL/FR methyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam strawberry cherry cinnamon
 flavor: cinnamyl balsamic spicy fruity mango papaya cherry
FL/FR methyl (E)-3-hexenoate
 odor: sweet green honey fruity hyacinth cortex papaya guava pineapple tropical
 flavor: green fruity tropical guava pineapple papaya honey cortex
FL/FR methyl 3-(methyl thio) propionate
 odor: Sulfureous, vegetative, pungent, rooty, tomato, horseradish, onion and garlic
 flavor: alliaceous fruity garlic green mango papaya pineapple horseradish
Septenary (Seventh) - papaya
FL/FR butyl heptanoate
 odor: green fruity licorice grassy oily winey starfruit pear tropical
 flavor: fruity green winey pear starfruit tropical papaya licorice
FL/FR ethyl 2-ethyl acetoacetate
 odor: fruity winey green herbal earthy rootbeer ethereal
 flavor: fruity ethereal green cortex tropical winey papaya artichoke
FL/FR ethyl (E)-3-hexenoate
 odor: sweet green fruity passion fruit guava pineapple papaya weedy honey
 flavor: sweet fruity green passion fruit pineapple rummy honey papaya weedy
Octonary (Eighth) - papaya
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